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i have MISSED YOU :)
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 Last night was super fuuun! ;> I had a blast, really  A lot of things happened to me and some are really unexpected. Uhm, ano daw meron sa May 9, 2010? :)

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Suddenly, I feel so much stress. Unexpected things come at the same time. I dunno why, but yeah, I have to face this on my own. I have to solve these things before they end up as a major problem. :-/

I really hate this rotten pig. WHY? As in, she always backstabs us. We still don`t know what her intention is.. But one thing`s for sure. She hates us and she wants to ruin us in our adviser`s eyes. SUCKEEER! :& Hate her! No, I mean. WE hate her! Hahas. In relation to this, we were asked to make a composition.. TOPIC? Oh. Yeah, it`s like, "Walang lihim na hindi nabubunyag." =))) I decided to make HER as my subject. For our images’ sake not to be ruined by her, I`m gonna let this secret off. I just hope she can read mine. :) And if I were her, I`ll stay quiet then.. @-))

Another thing I discovered about myself. I`M A STUPID AND FRUSTRATED LOVER. :-/ I really don`t know why I loved such inhuman person. As in GAY :-(( Thanks to a trustful friend of mine who told this secret to me. I know you don`t believe me, but this is really the truth. I find it hard to accept this point of view though I have to deal with this. For these 3 years of admiring him, I never thought such a thing would happen. So long, I found enough reasons to forget him and of course, not to be one of THE GIRLS he`ll use just to get close to the GUY he loves. [that`s gross!] So, I think I better end up all my connections with this gay.. Sorry, I have to get this gross thing out of me by revealing the truth. :-P

Ciao. >:D<

Down With Love *u*
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Ohai~ Don't dare to miss the first episode of DOWN WITH LOVE later. Show starts at 5:30 pm! :)) I'm neither pro-JE nor anti-JE, but I really can't get over them!

K. It's been about 3 years since I fell in love with this famous Taiwanese girl group S.H.E, comprising Selina Ren, Hebe Tian and Ella Chen. My cousin and I started collecting their drama series and now, here's a new one. It is called Down With Love and right after seeing the dvd at a store we once dropped in, it did take a minute for me to realize that I have to buy it coz' I was hyperventilating when i saw it that i actually lost my mind :p

It is the kind of drama that after watching it, you would continue thinking about it all day long and end up watching it over again. Hmm, guys, you may say Ella is not as pretty as other Taiwanese stars but yeah, no one can beat her acting skills and antics! :-* She is so charming and sweet and *kawaii* that no one can't help but grow to love her more as the show goes on... Plus, her crazy yet cute expressions made the show a lot funnier than other Taiwanese drama series ^______^

It also made me realize that true happiness comes from within. With our family and loved ones around, we don't need to have a lot of material pleasures to make us happy and feel contented. :)

Jerry Yan as Xiang Yu Ping and Ella Chen as Yang Guo stars the said drama series. You might as well fall in love with the ending theme song "Ai Shang Ni" by S.H.E!

I don't want to be a STALKER :(
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Where you are is where I belong. Where you go is where i want to be.
- What am i gonna do? I want to follow you wherever you go but hey, i don`t wan`t to seem like a STALKER :(

Sorry about my drawing. Hee i`m bored :")) LOL =))

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YES NAMAN =))) For this picture, I have to spend 100PHP pa for my lunch ONLY :< But super worth it naman ! :)) We all enjoyed it. Tus may cute pa. Appetizer nga, sabi ni Jhuree. HAHAHA ! :D Next time ulit. Babalik kami dun ;) Hihi :">

Ayan. Eto yung 100PHP lunch namin. Sarap diba?? :P :)

Doooooodleeeees! *u*
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Sam DoodleTippy Doodle
Hello doodle drawings! *u* hahaha. The first one is obviously my first drawing ._. uhm, yea that was my first try ^.^ hurhur It's ugly.. and yucky! =)) I made this for SAM. And the second one is for Tippy. I really admire her! She's so PERRRTY, gorgeous, talented and, uhm what else? She's a GODDESS! Ugh, I wish i can have her voice hahaa (: FML I don't have such a talent. Poor soul :x :))

Okay so, i just tried making something "artistic" since i've got nothing to do, and yes i'm *always* BORED~ :p yay i'm just a beginner so now wonder it's not artistic at all.. :| hihi, just don't mind the first one. It was just a trash actually. :p I'm planning to draw another for sam.. Well, if time permits ._. I think my second try is quite good..? Yes? 8D I finished the first one in 10 minutes or so, and guess how long did it take for me to draw the second one. :) 5 MINUTES! hahaha :D I'm such a fast worker. Yahoo *hugs*

More to come, ^I wish^ :) If I can find time and if i'm in the mood to make another doodle thingy :p Anw, 3 more days before school starts! Can't wait any longer! I wanna go to school na! hihi :") kudos to me! and to all the college freshies! *keees* :-" :D :O

Uhm. I also received fansigns from Janeena Chan and Hanna Flores! :} Coooool yea? :"p Thanks to my Mamee Presh. Love yah three! ;)) :3

PS: I forgot to include this.. SAM LIKES MY DRAWING FOR HIM (via twitter)! Ahaha :x ;)))) Soo happy! *claps and smiles* Looool. I know, it's crazy and all. Sorry if i get very happy, as in to the max, easily! Yay i'm a fan-girl like that :)) \:D/
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*RANDOM POST is RANDOM* :DD =))))))))

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